JTAG / Boundary-Scan Hardware

GOEPEL offers the industry's widest range of JTAG / boundary-scan hardware products.

JTAG / boundary-scan controller and TAP interface hardware

PicoTAP is the world's smallest JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller and perfect for learning about boundary scan technology. The controller was developed primarily to support designs of lower complexity.
SCANBOOSTER controllers provide optimal solutions for standard JTAG / boundary-scan applications with high cost pressure and lower performance requirements.
SCANFLEX is an award-winning hardware platform, created to enable extended JTAG / boundary-scan test and ISP solutions. SCANFLEX excels when it comes to speed, flexibility, and modularity of a JTAG / boundary-scan test system.

JTAG / boundary scan I/O

CION (Configurable I/O Network) is a universal Parallel I/O ASIC with special JTAG / boundary-scan test features. Applying one of the 4 functional modes, it can both be used to improve on-board testability or to create external test adapters. GOEPEL offers a wide variety of JTAG / boundary scan I/O modules featuring digital and analog I/O.

JTAG / boundary scan accessories

JTAG accessories, such as CION I/O modules, SCANFLEX I/O modules, the SFX BoardGrabber, the BScanProbe, can be used to extend the test coverage, improve diagnostics, or to simplify troubleshooting and debug sessions.

JTAG / boundary scan turn-key solutions

JULIET is an integrated JTAG / boundary-scan tester in a desktop system, suitable for prototyping and production. Combined with customization of a bed-of-nail or cable-connector adapter and test program development, JULIET provides a turn-key solution for JTAG / boundary scan test and in-system programming.

RAPIDO is an outstanding, "lightning-fast" in-line system for programming and test based on embedded system access (ESA) technologies. Special mechanics ensure precise board contacting from both sides, even for high probe counts.