Customer References and Testimonials


Datalogic ADC, formerly PSC, in Eugene, Oregon, develops Automatic Data Capture equipment such as barcode scanners and imagers, as well as a wide range of related products.

Karl Radestam, Staff Electrical Engineer at Datalogic ADC, comments:

   Our PCB departments, located throughout the world, require high volume test equipment with excellent test coverage to keep up with the customer’s needs. To accomplish this, we have teamed up with GOEPEL Electronics since 2005 to develop boundary-scan tests for PCB pogo pin fixtures.
   Datalogic PCB design guidelines include all the necessary test points for JTAG access and full test coverage to all connector pins. We use GOEPEL's SYSTEM CASCON tool to develop boundary-scan test routines, such as Interconnect, Cluster, Manual, Flash, RAM, FPGA, and On-Chip Flash programming / processor emulation test. For devices that require extra coverage, we ask GOEPEL engineers to extend the processor emulation test models or other routines. Using the test point guidelines, and working with GOEPEL engineers on the boundary-scan tests in advance, gives us excellent test coverage that can often be completed within a month. Also, GOEPEL has excellent field representatives throughout the world to help with diagnosis, RMA repair, and exchange.
   I highly recommend GOEPEL for all your PCB test requirements.

Read this Test & Measurement World cover article, "Scanning the Scanners", to see examples of Datalogic ADC's test fixtures utilizing GOEPEL's JTAG / boundary scan tools.

Datalogic ADC website:

Ross Video

Ross Video designs, markets, manufactures, and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in broadcast, distribution, live event and production applications.

Murray McFaul, Test Designer at Ross Video Limited:

   I have been working with GOEPEL for the past 3 years, the support and response time has always been first class. I have worked with other Boundary Scan solutions providers and I would say that GOEPEL products are of the highest quality in the industry.

Ross Video website:

Zollner logo

From development to after-sales service: As a systems provider for Electronic Manufacturing Services [EMS] Zollner offers you a complete service for your product. Swift, flexible, innovative and with the maximum possible degree of personal support.

Ernst Neppel, Zollner Elektronik AG:

   We have been successfully applying GOEPEL electronics’ Boundary Scan test systems in our production since September 2003. The performance of the systems and the support by GOEPEL electronic have impressed us. We are able to process the test application regarding the technical and time specifications to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Zollner website:


Honeywell Security Group products provide protection and improve productivity for millions of people and businesses throughout the world.

Predrag Martinovic, Honeywell Security:

   We have successfully been applying Boundary Scan Equipment from GOEPEL electronic since 2004. We are using the CASON software for the testing and programming of UUTs. Since we’ve been utilizing Boundary Scan test technology, our test coverage and test speed have significantly improved. Additionally, the support GOEPEL electronic provides is excellent.

Honeywell's aerospace products and services are used globally on virtually every commercial and business aircraft operating today as well as for defense and space applications.

Adrian Delgado (Test Engineering), Honeywell Aerospace:

   I needed support with on-site trouble-shooting for a CCA Programmer/BSCAN Station at my Supplier. The CCA Programmer failure was holding up several deliveries to my customer. I called Robert Kelly (Senior Application Engineer) and he, as always, provided me with prompt, professional and technically-savvy service. I don’t hesitate to recommend Goepel to my colleagues.

Honeywell website:

Limtronik logo

Limtronik is a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service provider. As a former Bosch primary plant, Limtronik has been engaged in the production and test of electronic assemblies and devices since 1970.

Gerd Ohl, CEO of Limtronik GmbH:

   As established users of GOEPEL electronic’s Boundary Scan system we appreciate the long-term professional cooperation with the company. By purchasing the OptiCon X-Line 3D we are achieving a technological leap and will be able to offer our customers high coverage with cost-efficient 3D X-ray inspection.

Limtronik website:

Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions.

Herbert Schoepfer, Siemens AG:

   Since 1996, we have worked in close cooperation with GOEPEL electronic and have chosen to use Boundary Scan technology for our products, and today we continue to develop this as a fixed component of our innovative production and test strategy. Boundary Scan has developed into a fixed constant for our products, and it is unthinkable to not use it anymore. Through this we have come to see GOEPEL electronic as a flexible, capable and very cooperative partner, who commits to their customer requirements.

Peter-Arnoud van Gink, Siemens PTD EA:

   We have been using GOEPEL electronic’s CASON Boundary Scan software in ICT machines for testing and programming CPU boards since 2006. In addition to the comprehensive model library, the CASON integration into our applications via the DLL interface was critical

Mario Nemetschka, Siemens AG:

   We have been utilizing CASCON since Version 3.1, and have always been very satisfied. The constant improvements within the software have resulted in highly efficient generation of Boundary Scan applications. We are utilizing the Boundary Scan technology for serial tests of PC systems used in signal box technique and vehicle control. From our point of view, the hardware and software support is excellent. User group meeting such as Boundary Scan Days make the overall picture of GOEPEL electronic perfect. We are looking forward to an ongoing successful partnership.

Michael Ohler, Siemens AG:

   The Automated Optical Inspection with OptiCon, a system from GÖPEL electronic, is ideal for process inspection in the SMD placement. The system is used in the EWK of PCBs with high mounting density, a large number of placement positions of small components and many other IC types. We have been inspecting the presence, position, polarity, value and labelling for a long time now.

Siemens website:


The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services.

Eike Bartz, Alcatel-Lucent:

   Lucent Technologies has used the Boundary Scan technology from GOEPEL electronic for more than five years in Nuremberg (Germany). Boundary Scan is applied in the model and series production of complex PCBs in the telecommunication and data transmission sector. The focus of Boundary Scan is not only on test but also on programming. We have been in favor of the Boundary Scan software from GOEPEL electronic because of its user-friendly interface, clearly arranged program structure and comprehensive test diagnostics. Further GOEPEL electronic strengths are the professional and fast technical support, and the continuous enhancement of the CASON test software to make it easier to use while simultaneously increasing its test possibilities and test depth

Alcatel-Lucent website:


EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services, employing nearly 135,000 people at over 170 sites worldwide.

Willi Grober, EADS Deutschland GmbH:

   Since 1999 I have been using GOEPEL electronic’s Boundary Scan systems to test and onboard program our electronic products in the AVIONIK division of EADS in Friedrichshafen/Germany. I am always very satisfied with products and support. Because of the long-term contact to GOEPEL employees, a pleasant atmosphere has developed. They have never left me alone with my test problems!

Armin Raible, EADS Deutschland GmbH:

   We have been using the GOEPEL electronic system since 1999. Because CASON contains the programming language CASLAN, it is very flexible and also enables the test of complex (non-scan able) components and circuit elements.

EADS website:


Flextronics' centralized core services include manufacturing, procurement, logistics and IT, and customized, market-specific capabilities offered through industry-specific design, engineering and original design and manufacturing (ODM) services.

Herbert Berger, Flextronics:

   Since 1997 we have been successfully utilizing GOEPEL electronics JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions as a ‘stand-alone test solution’ and an integral part of functional tests. The convincing hardware and software products and the fast qualified support have confirmed our decision for GOEPEL. It is not possible to imagine to be without GOEPEL JTAG/Boundary Scan tests, which are applied from the development to the full production stages. We use Boundary Scan for interconnection tests and programming tasks.

Flextronics website:

Diehl Aerosystems

Diehl Aerospace is the leading German supplier of avionics systems, cabin electronics, and lighting concepts for civil and military aircraft. Among the company's customers are Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter as well as Bombardier and Embraer.

Lars Matern, Diehl Aerospace:

   The company Diehl Avionik Systeme GmbH, now Diehl Aerospace, headquartered in Uberlingen am See Germany has been applying Boundary Scan in its business areas digital and analog testing of electronic assemblies since 1990. In the near future Boundary Scan will be integrated in the current processes more intensive. We have been using the CASCON system from GOEPEL since early three years and we can say that we are highly satisfied with it also because of the immediate and very good service GOEPEL offers as well as the workshops, such as the annual Boundary Scan Days.

Diehl website:


Elma Electronic is a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products for the embedded systems market - from components, storage boards, backplanes and chassis platforms to fully integrated subsystems.

Ralf Möllers, Elma Trenew Electronic GmbH:

   For many years, Elma Trenew Electronic GmbH has been utilising an OptiCon AOI system on our final inspection stage for maintaining our highest quality assurance standards. One of the system's superior optical test features is the inspection of backplanes up to 800 x 600 x 10mm. Additionally, the very good relationships made with GOEPEL electronic is made complete by excellent service and support.

ELMA website:

Allen & Heath

Back in the early 70s, Allen & Heath was hand-building consoles in a small factory in London for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who. These days Allen & Heath customers are spread across almost every environment imaginable, including touring, theatres, houses of worship, nightclubs, TV and radio stations, recording studios and countless other places where great sound matters.

Roger Hand, Allen & Heath Ltd.:

   GOEPEL people are very quick at responding and acting – it’s a high level of customer support all round.

Allen & Heath website: