... the industry's leading JTAG / boundary scan hardware platform

SCANFLEX® is a revolutionary hardware platform, created to enable extended JTAG / boundary-scan test and in-system programming (ISP) solutions. SCANFLEX excels when it comes to speed, flexibility, and modularity of a JTAG / boundary-scan test system. Not stopping there, SCANFLEX adds new capabilities for analog and mixed-signal test not found in competitive products.

SCANFLEX Architecture

Some of the SCANFLEX features include:

  • Flexible number of TAPs
  • Very high data throughput
  • Programmable TCK frequency up to 80MHz
  • Programmable TAP parameters (TAP specific)
  • Support for long distances between UUT and Tester
  • Active Delay Compensation
  • Three performance classes with simple upgrade path
  • Digital and Analog test resources beyond the TAPs
  • TAP independent control of add-on modules
  • Modular, scalable, flexible, stand-alone or integrated


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