Opticon X-Line 3D X10/X40

3D in-line X-ray inspection system for maximum fault coverage using digital tomosynthesis with outstanding inspection speed. The advantage of an 3D X-Ray system is the reconstruction of any layer of the PCB, therefore the safe inspection of double-sided assembled PCBs and the detection and spatial allocation of of its hidden defects. The inspection speed reaches up to 10 cm²/s at an resolution of 15.4 um/pixel.


Features and Benefits:


  • Inspection speed up to 10cm²/s and 40cm²/s at 15.4um/pixel, respectively
  • Reconstruction processes possible due to tomosynthesis
  • Simultaneous 3D x-ray inspection of top and bottom side of PCBAs
  • Safe detection of critical faults and spatial allocation of the detected defects
  • Algorithm library suitable for all common components

OptiCon X-Line 3D enables safe quality control of solder joints even on PCBAs with components mounted on both sides.

OptiCon X-Line 3D datasheet

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