Reducing test and in-system programming run-time with gang tester

Earlier this year, GOEPEL electronic introduced a new member of its SCANFLEX® product family: the SFX-TAP16/G is the worldwide first completely modular Gang test system with integrated UUT power supply. Without any additional hardware, users test test or program up to 16 boards in parallel, utilizing only one central SCANFLEX controller. Based on this innovative architecture, highly compact and cost-efficient Gang test applications can be implemented. The system utilization also increases efficiency in the production at significantly reduced manufacturing costs.

SCANFLEX SFX-TAP16/GSFX-TAP16/G can be custom configured, supporting numerous modern test and programming strategies such as Processor Emulation Test (PET), core assisted Flash programming, chip embedded instrumentation, and protocol driven interface tests as well as boundary scan.

The number of TAPs on the UUT may vary between eight (2 UUT) and one (16 UUT). Power Slot Cards enable the individual power supply per UUT, monitoring the power consumption and providing isolating relays. In addition to solutions for TAP Slot Cards and Power Slot Cards, GOEPEL electronic offers engineering services to develop project specific modules and turnkey Gang testers.

A major benefit of utilizing a Gang tester such as the SFX-TAP16/G lies in the concurrent execution of  test and in-system programming applications on multiple UUTs, reducing the test/programming run-time per unit. This particular SCANFLEX solution offers the additional benefit of reduced cost compared to other Gang testers, since only one set of controller hardware is required.