SFX-TAP/16G wins 2012 Best in Test award

On January 31, 2012, UBM hosted the annual Test & Measurement World "Best in Test" award ceremony in Santa Clara, CA. GOEPEL Electronics was represented with "Best in Test" finalists in two categories.

Best in Test winnerOur SCANFLEX TAP Transceiver SFX-TAP/16G won the "Best of Test" honors in the category "Design for Test / Boundary Scan".

Part of the ScanFlex product family, the SFX/TAP16-G TAP transceiver provides a flexible front end with per-TAP (test access port) exchangeable TAP Slot Cards (TSC), as well as integrated analog/digital resources and power-slot cards for the UUT (unit under test) power supply.

With the ability to perform standard boundary-scan connectivity tests, in-system programming, processor-controlled test, and tests using chip-embedded instrumentation on 16 UUTs in parallel, the SFX-TAP16-G offers a modular solution for configuring stand-alone benchtop gang-test and gang-programming systems.

SFX-TAP/16GThe unit needs just one centralized external ScanFlex controller, which makes it a cost-efficient solution.The TAP parameters are individually programmable, and each UUT site provides additional analog and digital resources for further flexibility. The power-slot card features breaker relays for UUT power-supply and current monitoring with fail-safe behavior.

GOEPEL was also a finalist in the "Embedded Test" category with our ChipVORX technology for the control of chip-embedded instrumentation. ChipVORX is a new software technology for the in-system configuration and control of chip-embedded test, debug, and programming functions. Based on a new communication interface in the System Cascon software platform along with special function libraries, ChipVORX enables the control of chip-embedded instruments in interaction with boundary-scan operations and control of externally coupled instruments within one system platform. The technology is based on the IEEE 1149.1 test bus protocol. The spectrum of possible applications includes simple register control, the use of primitive test functions, and control of complex instruments, including instrument access defined in the upcoming IEEE P1687 standard, for applications such as device, board, and system test; design validation; hardware debugging; and device programming. ChipVORX models contain all necessary structural and functional information to control the chip-embedded target circuitry.