IPC APEX 2012 recap

This year's IPC APEX conference can exhibition took place in San Diego, CA. While it seemed unusually cold in San Diego (could be just me having been used to warmer temperatures in Austin, TX) the tradeshow itself was successful for GOEPEL Electronics. This year we had a larger size booth and showcased both AOI and AXI systems in addition to our boundary scan products. Patrick Schuchardt of our Application Support team presented a paper on void inspection with X-Ray systems (download a copy of the poster related to the paper he presented).

During the APEX show, we introduced our new Embedded System Access (ESA) strategy, which utilized not only JTAG / boundary scan but also other embedded test technologies (such as processor emulation, test, chip-embedded instrumentation, and more) for comprehensive test solutions with minimal intrusive test access requirements. Contact us to obtain a copy of a new white paper discussing Embedded System Access in detail.

We also entered into an agreement with Fremont, CA, based Datest, a GATE partner for our JTAG / boundary-scan product line, to become a demo site for the Opticon X-Line 3D AXI system. Contact us to learn more about the X-Line system and/or to schedule a demo on one of your own products.