GOEPEL Electronics presents a range of innovations at SMT 2012 in Nuremberg/Germany

At this year’s SMT/Hybrid/Packaging tradeshow in Nuremberg/Germany, GOEPEL electronic GmbH presented a wide range of innovations in its AOI systems, AXI systems, and in the company's JTAG/boundary-scan product line.

The improved ease of use during program generation and optimization is one of the key features of the new PILOT software version 5.2. Now components on PCBs can be automatically identified and assigned for CAD data import. Measured values of several PCBs can be logged to efficiently adapt generated test programs to manufacturing deviations, whereby limiting values are defined on a wide statistic basis. Benefits are reduced debug efforts and an even faster inspection program readiness for utilization in production.

All AOI systems are now equipped with touchscreen displays providing an optimized user interface for comfortable and efficient operations. Additional inspection functions based on laser height measurement enable the detection of 3D profiles, e.g. at THT connectors or other components. In parallel, shadow projection methods are now available as time saving measurement opportunities in the third dimension.

OptiCon THT-Line supports the inspection of THT assemblies with particularly convenient test program generation features such as “easyELKO” and “easyOCR”. These two functions allow for polarity check of electrolytic capacitors as well as label reading without prior pre-learning process, respectively. Compared to other available character recognition methodologies, this is a revolutionary step in OCR utilization for quality control of electronic assemblies.

GOEPEL also introduced the new x-ray inspection system software OptiCon XI-Pilot 3.0 at the show, featuring higher image recording speed at increased sensitivity. Additionally, new features to compensate PCB warpage (spacial correction of PCB deflection) or for automatic stability control of the image sequence are supported.


Also introduced at SMT, the new in-line high-speed on-board programming system RAPIDO utilizes the latest developments in embedded system access to perform programming  of Flash, serial EEPROM, MCU, and PLD devices while mounted on the unit under test. Option can be added on to turn RAPIDO into a complete in-line test system for embedded system access based test methodologies.