High speed multi-site in-line programming of Flash, MCUs, and PLDs

Ever wish you had an inline system dedicated to multi-site high speed On-Board Programming of non-volatile memories like Flash, Microcontrollers and PLDs? Goepel Electronics has developed just such a system!

Based on advanced integrated In-System Programming technologies it addresses not just the problems of continuously  increasing memory size, but also offers a true alternative to the traditional Device Programmers due to its excellent flexibility. The patented mechanics with exchangeable Cassettes enables combinations of Programming and Test with safe and precise contact from both sides of the UUT even with high nail counts. Goepel's award winning, industry proven SCANFLEX hardware platform is at the core of the system, assuring future dependability and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Next Generation High Speed On-Board Programmer
  • Support for latest ISP-Technologies
  • Requires no target specific Programming License
  • Double sided contacting via exchange Cassettes
  • Modular system solution with options for Board test
  • Based on award winning SCANFLEX® Architecture

Capabilities of the new RAPIDO system include:

  • Flash Programming
  • MCU Programming
  • PLD Programming
  • JTAG Programming
  • Non JTAG Programming
  • In-System Programming
  • Boundary Scan Test (option)
  • Functional Test (option)
  • Mixed-Signal Test (option)

Download a product flyer, email us to learn more about RAPIDO or other embedded system access (ESA) solutions from GOEPEL Electronics.