Do you need a third or fourth hand to help with prototype debugging?

SFX Board Grabber

GOEPEL has redesigned its SFX Board Grabber, a universal tool to hold and probe boards (printed circuit board assemblies) and modules for test and debug purposes, with primary focus on JTAG / boundary scan and other embedded system access (ESA) applications.

SFX Board Grabber holding a PCBA

Unit under test (UUT) signals can be probed through clips, connectors, or freely positioned magnetic test nails.

SFX Board Grabber probing a PCBA

Providing a simple and reliable means to contact smallest pads or component pins, these probe points can be utilized to provide additional boundary-scan access or to connect measurement equipment.

SFX Board Grabber is available in sizes L, XL and XXL. Contact us to get your own, or to learn more about this innovative little helper.