OptiCon X-Line 3D Inline X-Ray Inspection System available for evaluation in the US

The new X-Ray inspection system "OptiCon x-Line 3D" is now available for benchmarks and evaluations in the US.

After the successful launch and presentation at APEX 2012 in San Diego, CA, the system is now being hosted by DATEST in Fremont, CA.

DATEST, a long-time partner of GOEPEL Electronics, has wide expertise in inspection services and test engineering, which includes X-Ray Inspection, Flying-Probe- and In-Circuit testing, JTAG / Boundary-Scan test services and Functional-Test capabilities.

With the OptiCon X-Line on site, hands-on demonstrations, live-benchmarks or initial presentations are available for anyone who is interested. Projects can be geared toward your own products or one of our demo-boards. The unique machine constellation at DATEST - which includes a high-end manual 3-D X-Ray inspection system as well as another very well know X-Ray in-line machine - enables potential customers to make side-by-side comparisons between the three different inspection systems.

GOEPEL invites especially companies demanding a very low test time for their projects. Due to the special mechanical transport system and the unique, patented X-Ray detector, Opticon X-Line offers inspection speeds unmatched in a full 3-D inspection system, at up to 40 sqcm/s.

OptiCon X-Line Main features:

  • GigaPixel-Technology enables high inspection speed with full 3D coverage
  • Simultaneous Image Capturing from Different Angles
  • Digital omosynthesis enables Analysis of Different Layers of the PCB
  • Top and Bottom Sides of PCBA can be inspected simultaneously
  • Maintenance Free Micro Focus X-Ray Tube
  • Xi-Pilot Software is an Open Concept for Maximum Fault Coverage
  • Fast Program Generation Time
  • Modular Concept Enables Configuration Options for 2D and 3D Systems
  • Variable Levels of Inspection Speed
  • Maximum PCBA Size 15.75” x 18.00”
  • Maximum PCBA Thickness .200”

To schedule an on-site demonstration please contact us.

About Datest

Based in Fremont, CA, Datest is an ISO9001- and AS9100-certified provider of advanced, integrated PCBA testing and inspection services, serving the CM/EMS as well as the OEM community since 1984. Datest offers in-circuit testing (ICT) and test development (hardware and software) for all major ICT platforms (Agilent 3070, GenRad, and Teradyne). Datest augments ICT with SPEA Flying Probe testing, Agilent 5DX and Goepel Opticon X-Line 3D AXI inspection services, Dage Ruby 2D X-ray with X-Plane Technology, benchtop boundary scan, and functional testing.

Contact Datest at info@datest.com.