AXI + AOI = AXOI, a formula for 100% optical inspection

This webinar recording discusses the use of a combined X-ray and AOI approach for IPC compliant inspection of solder joints on electronic assemblies. The webinar shows why X-ray inspection should be used for testing of all solder joints of an assembly, and not only for partially concealed solder joints. Furthermore, possibilities and limits of error detection will be shown by many image examples.

Following questions were answered during the webinar: • When is the use of double-sided inspection reasonable? • What are the possibilities of double-sided inspection of SMD and THT assemblies? • How can these AOI systems effectively be integrated into the company-specific production? • How can the traceability of assemblies be ensured?

Contents of this webinar recording: • X-ray inspection (AXI) compared to Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) • Possibilities and limits of error detection by an AXI system • Combination of AXI and AOI test methods • Error scenarios on QFN-, BGA-, THT-, SO-IC and QFP designs • System concept OptiCon X-Line 3D

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