Impressions from the 10th annual International Board Test Workshop

BTW 2011 took place in Fort Collins, CO, again - although a bit later in the year than usual. The event started with an evening reception on October 25, 2011. By the time most of the attendees had arrived, it started snowing ... by the time most of us got up the next morning more than 6 inches of snow had fallen, and by noon on Oct 26 we had about a foot of snow on the ground. This was the wet, heavy kind of snow. While it was very pretty, some tree branches (many of which still had a fair amount of leafs on them) could not withstand the weight of the snow and broke off. Some power outages were encountered in the area, but the BTW proceedings were not impacted.

BTW is organized by the BTTAC under the IEEE umbrella and this year's event was again sponsored by ASSET Intertech, GOEPEL Electronics, and Intel Corp. The program was diverse and very interesting. Topics included:

  • Existing IEEE standards and ongoing standard development efforts, such as IEEE Std 1581IEEE Std 1149.1IEEE P1149.8.1IEEE P1687, and IEEE P1838;
  • 3D stacked-IC test related problems and concerns;
  • Updates on test related INEMI projects;
  • Design for Test (DFT) form memory devices (or - better - the lack thereof); and
  • the blurring of the lines between chip test and board test that we seem to be experience.

Another interesting discussion focused around IEEE patent policies and their impact on standard test development efforts.

The social activities included a dinner reception on the first day of the workshop; while most of us enjoyed various adult beverages, no late-night snow-ball-fights were reported.

If you are interested in presentations from this year's or previous BTW, please visit the event website or contact Bill Eklow (BTTAC chair). Consider joining the BTTAC email reflector to stay informed about next year's BTW and  other events.

The first snow of the season in Fort Collins, CO, happened to fall during BTW 2011 …

AOI and AXI discussion at upcoming SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting

Patrick Schuchardt, Senior Applications Engineer for AOI and AXI at GOEPEL Electronics, will discuss automated optical and x-ray inspection topics, in particular the integration of respective inspection systems in the electronics manufacturing process, at the upcoming SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting on November 15 in Manassas, VA. For details about the event and to RSVP, please contact Ms. Karen Ebner, Chapter President or visit the SMTA website.