3D AOI without compromises

New and innovative 3D-AOI from GOEPEL electronic

This webinar recording discusses the latest developments in the field of 3D AOI measurement of components and solder joints of printed board assemblies. The webinar demonstrates how current procedures and technologies are suitable for use in solder paste inspection, but not completely adequate for inspection of printed circuit board assemblies. In particular, the shadow effects of high components and the high density of assemblies limit the use of the well-known triangulation technology for this application.



Through the use of practical examples, the limitations of fringe projection, Moiré and others for the inspection of printed circuit board assemblies are shown and the advantages of a new tele-centric and shadow-free measurement method will be introduced. Decades of experience in optics and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) merge to form a new and revolutionary m

easurement method which will redefine the standards for the future.

Contents of the webinar recording:  - Presentation of the concept of triangulation as the previous predominant measurement method - Pros and cons of fringe projection, Moiré and others - Principle of chromatically coded topography measurement - System concept of GÖPEL 3D AOI - Comparison of different methods/technologies including strengths and weaknesses

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